Book of Memories for Thomas M. Nicoletti Book of Memories for Thomas M. Nicoletti Recent updates for the Book of Memories Frontrunner Professional Book of Memories V4 en-gb Story shared: Uncle Tom One of the best things that happened in my childhood was Uncle Tom moving to College Point.  I loved to walk the few blocks to his home on a Sunday morning and just hang out with him, or drive to Corona with him to grandma's.  Nothing like the smell of his chicken roasting over the coals on a Sunday afternoon, or waiting on line for chivalet.  He always loved to see us kids!  Once in a while, we would get a half of glass a beer when mom wasn't paying attention.  

Once the picknics started I always made the best effort to get there early to share a bacon and egg sandwich with him.  Us early birds got the best eats!  

One of the 7 greatest men I have had the pleasure to have known.  We will miss you, but never forget you.  

Your favorite nephew :) Bobby.

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